Alhamdulilah, i have many memories about colege life. One of them is caving. Caving from the basic word is cave, so caving is sport adventure where go down to the inside earth through hole in the ground with high safety. With all the bothering device #lol.

I am wapalhi  and my friend matalabiogama, with ten member we go to luweng pulo ireng at gunung kidul. We not have map this cave, we just know if the cave have 12 pitch (multypitch) and have 180 deep down. So we just take all our device from our mapala's storage.

Entrace was in the bunker from concrete, it was build to be dam. But the water never fill the dam. So its just like the cave protected by cave's god #lol wkwkwkw

First anchor we can easy instal hanger to the nut was there in the right cliff entrance. Then you can install in the left cliff with deviasi at 2 meter down. And wala the rope going down through the first pitch to the first level (8 metres)

At second floor you just make one achor (intermediet) at hole cliff of the edge off cliff. Pitch number 2 have 13 metres depth.

The third pitch have depth 10 m

The forth pitch have depth 8 m

The five pitch have 7m
At here we can find good ornament of cave.

Actualy its not the end. Because we out of device and time we stop exploring.

Just info at the six pitch it have depth about 50 m and a lot of friksi. So need much device and energy.